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Secure communication in the quantum era

Avoid the inherent risks of losing privacy and

confidentiality in business communications,

both internal and external.

Quantum computing is on the brink of a technological revolution that promises fabulous advances in solving complex problems that humanity faces today. However, this powerful processing capability also poses significant challenges in terms of information security for organizations.

post-quantum cryptography

ensures secure operation in the

face of the quantum era

At Cyte, we offer a wide range of products specialized in cryptography resistant to attacks from quantum computers, allowing you to secure the sensitive or private financial information of your clients.

More than just an application

Custom creation of single-view file transfer systems


Secure transfer of your

sensitive information

Receive the transfer stream

Which is processed only in memory, without writing it to disk.

The content is displayed in a viewer

Completely designed to prevent screenshot capture.

When the viewer is closed or

The application is switched, the file is deleted from RAM.

At this point, the file seems to completely disappear from the device that received it,

making it very difficult for the user to access the file hosted on the device.

The way to prevent risks consists of using post-quantum cryptography, as well as leaving no trace on any of the devices used for communications and preventing screenshots. In this way, even if someone could access your computer consciously, they would find nothing.

Implement secure communication

in the quantum era

Organizational confidentiality

Professional Support

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