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Securitization and Password Management

The most innovative solution in the securitization and management of passwords for an entire organization. The use of passwords represents the weakest link in accessing applications or user accounts.


Corporate password management reduces the risk of unauthorized access, facilitating compliance with recommended policies on security standards.

Advanced Security and Management of Keys and Digital Certificates

With an intuitive and powerful interface, Passguard® enables efficient management through a web GUI and REST-API, offering seamless integration with cloud HSMs from leading providers such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.


This tool stands out for its ability to discover digital certificates across a range of IPs, identifying certificates installed on different services and managing their automatic renewal as they approach expiration. Additionally, each certificate has an associated private key, which is properly backed up, ensuring secure and reliable management.

Facilitates Private Key Discovery

Passguard® offers the exposure of cryptographic operations via web services or TCP sockets, allowing robust and secure interaction with the managed keys. The authentication and authorisation scheme is solid, based on passwords, authentication tokens, and two-factor authentication, including the use of FIDO tokens for additional security.

The administration of key custodians and the detailed inventory of keys ensure that the keys remain on the required specific servers, offering both remote and local sanitisation options.

Key Benefits

For IT security managers and leaders, analysts, and administrators, Passguard® represents an essential solution for protecting confidential data.

Significantly reduces the risk of data breaches by ensuring all passwords are unique and secure.

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Corporate Management of Passwords and Secret Keys

Simplifies Password Management Processes

Prevents lockouts due to resignations, dismissals, absences, or losses.


Compliance with Regulations

Ensures adherence to robust password policies, periodic changes, and continuous employee education on best security practices.

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Offers centralised management of passwords, secret keys, private keys, and digital certificates through a web interface and REST-API.

It facilitates the administration of key custodians and maintains a comprehensive inventory of keys. Its integration with cloud HSMs and adaptability to new cloud providers or on-premises infrastructure make it a flexible and scalable tool.

Passguard® discovers and manages digital certificates across various services and automatically renews those nearing expiration. It backs up the private keys associated with each certificate and supports multiple formats of private keys discovered on servers. Additionally, it exposes cryptographic operations using the managed keys, ensuring strict authentication and authorisation based on passwords, authentication tokens, and two-factor authentication.

Ensures Secure Management of Keys and Digital Certificates

Password Security

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