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Encrypt and protect your data end-to-end

Protecting corporate data

In an increasingly digitalized world, the protection of corporate data has become a central axis for the success and sustainability of organizations. Information is the most valuable asset that companies possess, and its security is not only a matter of regulatory compliance but also a critical business strategy.

Corporate data ranges from confidential information about customers and employees to trade secrets and market strategies. The loss or unauthorized access to this data can result in devastating consequences, including financial damage, loss of trust, and harm to the brand's reputation.

Therefore, it is essential to have suitable solutions for the protection of confidential information and, likewise, to effectively counter any possible cyberattack.

Our solutions use

post-quantum technology

in each development

Crypto-Vault Pro®

Crypto-Vault Pro® covers everything from payment files, such as payroll and suppliers, to those containing identification numbers, phone numbers, emails, medical information, and other sensitive data. Moreover, safeguarding proprietary company information is essential.

Given this diversity of critical data, effective solutions are required that guarantee security and confidentiality, thus minimizing the risk of exposure and potential security breaches.

Our solution includes a cryptographic component that not only ensures the security of operations but also ensures that it does not significantly affect execution times. Moreover, it was designed to integrate seamlessly into the existing process without adding unnecessary complexity.

This component meets established cryptographic standards, thus ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data efficiently and effectively.

CV Pro

Protect your confidential information

with Crypto-Vault PDF®

With Crypto-Vault PDF®, you can leverage a variety of new features to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your PDF documents.

Digital Signature

The ability to digitally sign documents with timestamping, following the PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures) standard, which guarantees the authenticity of the files.

Young Businesswoman

With these features integrated into Crypto-Vault® PDF, you can manage your documents securely and efficiently, maintaining the confidentiality of critical information.


Maximize your potential with


Easily customize and automate through its REST API interface.

Crypto-Vault-Cloud® offers you the broad possibilities of CV through a REST API interface so that, using your preferred programming language, you can customize and automate all the functionalities of this tool at your choice.

Easily through the graphical interface incorporated in the product.

A world of possibilities for cloud providers or web servers using standards such as Apache, Tomcat, jBoss, or similar.

CV Cloud

Protect your business data


Encrypt and protect sensitive data

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