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Advanced Digital Certificate Manager

Our Ultimate Solution
for Comprehensive Certificate Management

With the capability to automatically discover certificates, it enables efficient and thorough management of all relevant certificates within your infrastructure.


Notyfind® is our most advanced system for decentralised digital certificate management and automation. Its robust engine detects existing digital certificates within organisations and workgroups, providing notifications and alerts regarding their expiry. This allows for seamless, automatic renewal of certificates and domains.

Comprehensive and Automated Certificate Management

Notyfind® streamlines certificate management with the ability to effortlessly add, edit, and delete certificates.

It supports bulk import of certificates from folders or key stores and the creation of categories for organised administration. The management of notifications and alerts specific to domains, as well as the administration of recipients for expiry notifications, are essential features that ensure continuous monitoring.

Furthermore, the automatic discovery of SSL/TLS certificates and the efficient management of remote cryptographic keys are seamlessly handled. Automatic renewal of certificates, including post-quantum technologies, ensures the continuity and security of your operations.


Initial Operations with Access Token

In terms of security and control, Notyfind® securely encrypts configurations and defines clear roles such as Super Admin, Admin, Editor, and Viewer, with secure authentication via LDAP. Automated certificate discovery is performed by domain and IP-port range, with manual loading facilitated for greater flexibility.

Creating and managing custom notifications, assigning specific categories and environments, and creating parameterisable scripts are some of the advanced functionalities it offers. Additionally, generating CSRs and exportable keys, along with merging CA-SubCA, centralises certificate management.

Process Automation

Notyfind® supports integration with Windows systems via PSExec and UNIX-like systems (Linux/AIX) via SSH, allowing the execution of custom scripts per certificate for renewal. Configuring fields such as file, merge CA and SubCA, password, text, and backup ensures efficient and secure renewal. Moreover, the automatic acquisition of certificates is possible through integration with external CAs like Let’s Encrypt (ACME), GoDaddy, and VerySign, following the ACME protocol for automatic renewal.

For managing internal CAs, Notyfind® enables the configuration of auto-renewal policies in Windows and the creation of custom scripts. It supports open-source CAs on UNIX-like and Windows systems, ensuring broad flexibility and compatibility. Requirements for using these features include access to CA via ACME/XKMS and payment for certificates outside the project's scope. Notyfind® is compatible with HTTPS servers such as Apache®, Tomcat®, and IIS®.

Certificate Renewal on F5 Devices with Notyfind®

Certificate renewal on F5 devices is carried out through a secure connection using SSH. Notyfind® automates certificate acquisition from the CA and configures the necessary credentials for a secure connection.

Using TMSH for the management and configuration of F5 BIG-IP, Notyfind® parameterises commands for automatic renewal and clearly presents the results and changes.


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